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optical brightener VBL 85

Products: optical brightener VBL 85
    optical brightener VBL 85
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    optical brightener VBL 85

    Molecular formula: C36H34N12O8S2Na2
    Molecular weight: 872.84
    Maximum UV absorption wavelength: 348 NM
    Implementation criteria: GB/T10661-2004
    Quality indicators:
    Project index
    Used in textiles for papermaking.
    1) the appearance is light yellow to yellow uniform powder.
    2) fluorescence intensity (equivalent to standard), 100
    3) relative strength (standard), 100.
    4) the color light is similar to the standard.
    5) whiteness (difference from whiteness of standard product), sub - -3
    6) moisture,% less than 5
    7) water insoluble content,% less than 0.5
    8) fineness (amount of residue by 250 m pore size) is less than 10.
    9) 23 kinds of harmful aromatic amines, mg/kg meets GB19601-2004 standard requirements.
    Performance characteristics:
    Fluorescent whitening agent VBL is a typical representative product of bis (triazine amino) fluorescent whitening agent. It is soluble in 80 times of soft water and has anionic properties. Its acid and alkali resistance is pH=6-11. The dyeing bath pH is 8-9. In acidic solution, the fluorescence becomes weaker and yellowing due to acid enhancement. Hard water resistance to 300 ppm, resistance to free chlorine to 0.25%, not resistant to copper, iron and other metal ions, stable to the powder, but not resistant to high temperature baking. It can be used in conjunction with anionic surfactants or dyes, nonionic surfactants and hydrogen peroxide. The fluorescent tone is blue light violet (Lan Zishai). Fluorescent whitening agent VBL should not be used in the same bath as cationic dyes, surfactants and synthetic resin initials.
    Scope of application:
    1. For whitening cotton and viscose white products and brightening light colored or printed products, the sun fastness is general, the affinity to cellulose fiber is good, leveling is general, printing, pad dyeing and printing paste are applicable.
    2. can be used for whitening of vinylon and nylon products.
    3. used for paper industry, pulp or coating whitening.
    Usage method:
    1. in the printing and dyeing industry, the fluorescent whitening agent is added directly to the dye vat and dissolved with water. Dosage: 0.08-0.3%, bath ratio: 1:40, the best dyeing temperature: 60 degrees Celsius.
    2. In papermaking industry, fluorescent whitening agent is dissolved in 80 times water and added into pulp or coatings. The dosage is 0.1-0.3% of the weight of the absolute dry pulp or coatings.
    Packing: packed in cardboard barrels lined with plastic bags or plastic coated paper bags, each with a net weight of 25 Kg.
    Transportation: prevent from exposure and collision during transportation.
    Storage: products should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated storehouse for two years.
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