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What kinds of optical brighteners are used in plastics [ 2019-03-19 ]
According to the introduction in dye index, there are not many kinds of optical brighteners that can be used in plastics. In recent years, fluorescence brighteners for plastics have developed rapidly in China. So far, 8 varieties have b
Ob_bo1_kcb_12 fluorescence brightener export countries and s [ 2019-03-19 ]
Before 2008 somebody asks how to choose a product to do international trade? The answer is, the first thing you see when you go out in the morning, you do what you do, you make money. After 2008, this trend has gone forever. Many trading co
Review of the 2018 wholesale price of optical brightener [ 2019-03-19 ]
2018 nearly one month have passed, I stayed in fluorescent whitening agent industry is also for nearly eight years, can say 2018 is the most crazy fluorescent whitening agent for one year, almost all models for more than a wave even wave bo
Wholesale price forecast for paper, printing and dyeing fluo [ 2019-03-18 ]
If you are the boss of the paper printing and dyeing industry, if you use the optical brightener SWN, optical brightener bbu, tetra sulfonic acid, disulfonic acid, then you should pay attention, because these models are going up in
Fluorescent whitening agent rebate rate from 0 to 13 [ 2019-03-18 ]
The situation of foreign trade in 2018 is that the shipment volume in the first half of the year has reached 70% of the whole year of 2017. After September, there are few shipments. The rebate rate of fluorescent whitening agent jumped from
Plastic optical brightener has what kind of property [ 2019-03-18 ]
plastic with fluorescent whitening agent should have the property of fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of fluorescent dye, also some information called it a white dye or colorless dye, there are other information according to its in pla
Use of plastic optical brightener - different industry u [ 2019-03-18 ]
Plastic is the most important material with synthetic or natural macromolecular compound as the basic component, which can be molded in the process, and the product can keep the same shape in the end. Most of these plastics are based on syn
Dosage and effect of fluorescent whitening 70 (C.I.70) [ 2019-03-18 ]
C.I. C.I.Fluorescent brightener70 foreign commodity names and manufacturers: Ranipal PCRC, PCRP, PCRS (IDI), Tinopal PCR, PCRC (CIBA). Color: blue. Physical and chemical properties: Tinopal PCRC, a fluorescent whitening agent, has a pale ye
Dosage and effect of optical brightener OB 184 (C.I.184) [ 2019-03-18 ]
C.I.Fluorescent brightener 184 (C.I.Fluorescent brightener 184) as follows: OB. Domestic manufacturers: hubei wuhan chemical assistant general factory, Shanghai assistant factory, guangzhou times chemical plant. Foreign commodity name and m
Dosage and effect of optical brightener 185 (C.I.185) [ 2019-03-18 ]
Product name: fluorescent whitening agent EBF, PB, EB. Domestic manufacturers: hubei wuhan chemical assistant general factory, Shanghai assistant factory, henan anyang assistant factory, etc. Simbright 25046 (WSS), Uvitex EBF, EBV (CIBA). C
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