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Dosage and effect of optical brightener 236 (C.I.236)

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Foreign commodity name and manufacturer: Hakkol 8542, chp-b, PSR (KKK), Leuco-
Phor EGM (Clariant).
Color: blue.
Physical and chemical properties: appearance is yellowish powder, melting point of 253 ~ 254 ℃. Good resistance to high temperature stability, heat resistant temperature greater than 350 ℃. The maximum absorption wavelength was 375nm (chloroform), and the maximum fluorescence emission wavelength was 440nm (chloroform). Soluble in hot organic solvents, stable to acids and bases. The toxicity of this product is minimal, almost no oral toxicity to various animals.
Usage: this product can be used to whiten polyvinyl chloride and other plastics and other polymers and polyester slurry.
Dosage: the dosage in transparent products is about 0.005%, and in opaque products is about 0.005%
0.01% ~ 0.015%.
Application properties: light resistance, heat resistance, bleaching resistance, acid fastness.


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