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Dosage and effect of fluorescent whitening 70 (C.I.70)

Original:www.qtzbj.comAuthor:山东齐泰荧光增白Editor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-18 22:14【Big Mid Small
C.I. C.I.Fluorescent brightener70 foreign commodity names and manufacturers: Ranipal PCRC, PCRP, PCRS (IDI), Tinopal PCR, PCRC (CIBA).
Color: blue.
Physical and chemical properties: Tinopal PCRC, a fluorescent whitening agent, has a pale yellow appearance. Solubility (g/100g solvent) : ethanol 2.6, benzene 23.5, acetone 12.5, dioctyl phthalate
8.1 trimethylphenyl phosphate 10.8, dioctyl sebacate 5.6.
Usage: this product can be used for whitening and brightening polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene and other plastics. Excellent heat resistance.
Dosage: the general dosage in PVC soft or hard transparent products is 0.02 ~
0.05, in white or colored plastic products is 0.05~0.5 (up to 1/5 of titanium dioxide). In coloring plastic can improve the blue, purple, light red pigment of color.
Application performance: good light fastness.


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