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Review of the 2018 wholesale price of optical brightener

Original:www.qtzbj.comAuthor:山东齐泰荧光增白Editor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-19 08:16【Big Mid Small

2018 nearly one month have passed, I stayed in fluorescent whitening agent industry is also for nearly eight years, can say 2018 is the most crazy fluorescent whitening agent for one year, almost all models for more than a wave even wave boom, the prices of fluorescent whitening agent manufacturers and end users have had a profound effect, transformation of fluorescent whitening agent manufacturers, terminal market some boss even no longer use fluorescent whitening agent as a kind of adding additives.

The price increase is the biggest fluorescent whitening agent ob and optical brightener KCB, including optical brightener KCB in the year of 400 yuan/kg, the price of the most high to 680 yuan/kg, if from the beginning of 2017, a year and a half optical brightener KCB prices rose by nearly three times, such a high gain is ever since 2000, investigate its reason, mainly is two aspects of sudden factors.
At the beginning of 2018, affected by environmental inspection, a large number of manufacturers of optical brightener KCB stopped production due to production restriction, resulting in a shortage of supply, and the price kept going up. On the other hand, the price of 1, 4-naphthalene dicarboxylic acid, the raw material of fluorescent whitening agent KCB, has increased by nearly 2 times due to the impact of production suspension. As a result, the price of fluorescent whitening agent KCB has repeatedly reached new highs.
For the manufacturer of optical brightener KCB, the increase in price at the early stage led to the increase in profit. However, after the soaring price of raw material 1, 4-naphthalene dicarboxylic acid, the profit margin was sharply compressed, and the manufacturer was forced to constantly adjust the price. As a result, some customers did not try the brightener, while others used the compound in large quantity.
2018 has been a tough year for end-users of the optical brightener KCB, with each purchase informed that the price has been raised, doubling the cost of use and squeezing profits. Some customers are forced to try out the products of the distributors with complex parts or low market quotation, which leads to frequent product quality problems and is rejected by the upstream and downstream.
Gyrate environmental scrutiny, raw materials are expected to be in the next few years of the new normal, optical brightener KCB prices will also be affected, 2018 is doomed to be optical brightener KCB unusual year, but fortunately, the end of the year as raw material prices fell back, optical brightener KCB prices also reduce the price, the relationship between the tight relationship between manufacturers and customers, for 2019, the application prospect of good news!


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