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Ob_bo1_kcb_12 fluorescence brightener export countries and s

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Before 2008 somebody asks how to choose a product to do international trade? The answer is, the first thing you see when you go out in the morning, you do what you do, you make money. After 2008, this trend has gone forever. Many trading companies were killed and injured.
Because the financial tsunami is coming, after 2008, the international trade has become an industry overcapacity, everybody said, become more and more difficult for 10 years, the time came in 2018, everyone still as before to do international trade, international trade than in home trade is not easy, but the price of any industry or depressions, or business opportunities, fluorescent whitening agent is currently one of the few international trade environment is still in a blue ocean industry, many companies earn big money in the industry at present, every exports around 1000 kg, according to the current market value is about $100000, Including the 13% tax refund, but the tax refund is about 13,000 dollars, so much money, you will be tempted, after all, the domestic trade desperate every shipment also does not have this profit. If you want to try the fluorescent whitening agent of international trade, then you will need to know the current fluorescent whitening agent what are exported to the countries, these countries have what kind of fluorescent whitening agent model, this article can provide you with some of the most basic information, for you do behind the international trade, select a product, product promotion keywords, are of great help in the areas for popularization.
First of all, let's take a look at the main export products of our country.
In 2018 China's export products are listed in the table below and the country, you can see the more economic less developed areas, the more interested in ob - 1, because the ob - 1 is a kind of superior performance, low price products, but the resistance transference of ob - 1 is poorer, and blending very hard, so the pursuit of product quality of many economic developed areas tend towards more superior ob, if want to know the advantages and disadvantages of specific products, you can refer to relevant article optical brightener ob - 1 the advantages and disadvantages and the fluorescent whitening agent ob advantages and disadvantages.
You can choose the national direction of promotion according to your company's products, or you can recommend optical brighteners to your customers according to the source of your customers.
印度 OB-1
意大利 OB
俄罗斯 OB
越南 OB-1,OB,KCB
Then we study the various countries in proportion to the amount of Chinese imports, as can be seen from the diagram, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, India, are imported power, all of these is the key of the people to pay attention, only to focus their energy to make better performance in these countries, because not all countries will import fluorescent whitening agent in China, many countries due to tariffs and most-favoured-nation treatment problems in China's imports of fluorescent whitening agent is not appropriate.
The following table shows the countries and proportion of China's exports in 2018
    Finally, if we study the proportion of the export amount of optical brighteners in China in 2018, we can see that ob-1 is the most competitive and yaoyao is the leader. Therefore, foreign trade should focus on ob-1, followed by ob. The market share of these two types of optical brighteners is 63%.
China has become a big manufacturer of optical brighteners. With the increase of the proportion of optical brighteners in China, more and more optical brighteners are exported to foreign countries. I believe that many foreign trade companies have recognized the export dividend of optical brightener. After reading the above article, do you want to promote optical brightener in your product structure? The above data information quantity possibly you still feel insufficient, below will list the most complete information data, hoped can give you the bigger help.
Major exporting countries of optical brighteners:
Europe: Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Russia
Asia: Vietnam, India, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia
Americas: Brazil, United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina
Oceania: Australia
Africa: Egypt, South Africa, Congo
Distribution of main export varieties of optical brighteners:
Fluorescent brightener OB (OBA 184) : Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, India, Vietnam, United States, Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Iran
Fluorescent brightener ob-1 (OBA 393) : India, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Korea, Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Congo, Iran, Mexico, Argentina
Fluorescent brightener KCB (OBA 367) : India, Vietnam
Fluorescent whitening agent 127 (OBA 378) : India, Vietnam, Russia, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey
Fluorescent brightener KSN (OBA368) : India, Vietnam and Pakistan
Fluorescent brightener cbs-x (OBA 351) : us, Japan, India, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Iran
VBL (OBA 85) : India, Bangladesh, Pakistan


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