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Wholesale price forecast for paper, printing and dyeing fluo

Original:www.qtzbj.comAuthor:山东齐泰荧光增白Editor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-18 22:15【Big Mid Small
If you are the boss of the paper printing and dyeing industry, if you use the optical brightener SWN, optical brightener bbu, tetra sulfonic acid, disulfonic acid, then you should pay attention, because these models are going up in price, how much will it go up? Why go up?
Around New Year's day in 2019, many owners and distributors of paper and dyeing factories suddenly found that the price of optical brightener in printing and dyeing and paper increased sharply, and most models almost doubled overnight. All these things come so fast that the boss and dealers are at a loss what to do. If you purchase and prepare goods, you are afraid of the subsequent price drop; if you do not prepare goods, you are afraid that the subsequent price will continue to double and rise, even delaying the production after the New Year. Still, the question at the beginning comes down to: why should the price of these models rise, and how long should it rise? We hope that you can understand the reasons for the recent increase in the price of optical brighteners for printing, dyeing and paper, and make a judgment and prediction on the price trend of optical brighteners for paper printing and dyeing manufacturers in 2019.
Why is the price of raw materials rising

The shortage of raw materials has been a direct trigger for rising prices since the start of domestic environmental inspections in 2017.
In 2011, China produced 50,000-100,000 tons of DSD acid, accounting for nearly 60% of the world's total. 85% of the capacity of DSD acid was used to produce distyrene optical brighteners. The majority of distyrene fluorescence brighteners are used in paper making, textile printing and dyeing, washing and other industries, which are indispensable "industrial monosodium glutamate" for these products to improve quality, upgrade and increase commercial value. Therefore, the price of DSD acid has a great influence on the price of optical brightener for paper making and textile printing and dyeing. Moreover, due to the huge volume of China's output and the high import tariff, the price of DSD acid has an absolute say in China.
How much - the trend of raw material prices
2: around New Year's day, affected by environmental protection remediation, all the second and third largest DSD acid factories in China stopped production, resulting in insufficient supply from the first largest manufacturer, which eventually led to a substantial increase in the price of DSD acid. Just for nearly half a month time from 6000 yuan/ton rose to 20000 yuan/ton, from 20000 yuan/ton rose to the current 80000 yuan/ton, according to the current price and the production situation, big probability at the beginning of 2019 is expected to exceed 100000 yuan/ton, as fluorescent whitening agent of raw materials of DSD such a big price adjustment will affect the price of this kind of fluorescent whitening agent.
Figure 1. Trend chart of the price increase of optical brightener for paper printing and dyeing at the end of 2018
How much has it gone up - the trend in the price of optical brighteners
3: from the trend of rising prices of raw materials, printing and dyeing, textile printing and dyeing brightener probability will rise to about 70-80 yuan/kg; Double the current price of 35-45 yuan/kg, which is expected to last for at least half a year.
How long will it last - how long will the shortage of fluorescent whitening materials last
4: a production-oriented enterprise will not easily say shut shut down, the closure is helpless, so start from the date of the unpredictable, two or three names in the current production has been discontinued, completely controlled by now only the price, owing to lack of their own production, so prices won't drop down, as to whether to go up, this really can't say for certain, the receipt of relationship between supply and demand and price of triple effect.
The horse is not a new project can be put into production, generally also need at least half a year's time to energy production, and the factory in order to pursue benefit maximization cannot easily increase their output, think is kind of scary, I do not know to such prices are unsustainable, but can be expected as DSD acid manufacturers gradually resume production, paper printing and dyeing of fluorescent whitening agent the price will be steady, and gradually subside after break through a certain interval, just above this cycle is estimated that at least half a year, is expected to the fastest is the entry into the channels of falling prices in the second half of 2019.
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