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How to use and how to use plastic optical brightener ob

Original:www.qtzbj.comAuthor:山东齐泰荧光增白Editor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-19 13:30【Big Mid Small
Many bosses found himself is not so white as the somebody else in the production of products, but don't know what to do, some bosses know fluorescent whitening agent whitening effect is remarkable, but have not used, want to try to use it, but don't know how big will bring their own process, the influence of cost is controlled, even will not be cheated. Perhaps you can read through this article to have a basic understanding of the use and method of optical brightener, if you can improve the level of the process to provide a little help, it will be our great honor.
As is known to all, if you don't add fluorescent whitening agent, plastic primary color particles products produced plastic products, most of them are light yellow, light color products brightness dim, impersonal, recycling materials, in particular, the colour and lustre of white or light color product more ugly, consumers see plastic product visual effect is very poor, don't want to buy, add fluorescent whitening agent, product visual effect will be greatly improved, and the product change from yellow to white, from dark to light; And fluorescent whitening agent is not chemical whitening is not physical whitening, but a kind of optical whitening, through the absorption of ultraviolet light reflection visible light reflection to the human eye to obtain the whitening and brightening effect; Therefore, the use of optical brightener not only improves the appearance of the product, but also ensures the safety of consumers. Those who fear that optical brighteners contaminate their products can rest assured.
Every fluorescent whitening agent has its own advantages and disadvantages, the advantages and disadvantages of specific can see my hundreds of articles, optical brightener ob, optical brightener KCB pros and cons, fluorescent whitening agent ob1 pros and cons, fluorescent whitening agent 127 and) as plastic manufacturers in the process of production is how to use the fluorescent whitening agent? So let's talk about that
1: Want to make sure the fluorescent whitening agent adding varieties, and application in the plastic has a variety of fluorescent whitening agent, such as OB OB1 KCB FP - 127 KSN KSB PF KB, etc., each kind of model applicable occasions process is different, heat resistance, weather resistance, mesh, color shade, ash content, moisture content is different, which limits the applications of fluorescent whitening agent, under the environment of high temperature, high temperature resistant in demand dispersed well dissolved in high performance, high mesh, more fine fluorescent whitening agent products, It is even necessary to determine which kind of fluorescent whitening agent is used by the polarized light direction of the current product. Only when the most suitable fluorescent whitening agent is used for different plastic products, can the whitening effect be given full play to and the cost performance be maximized. Only in this way can the product have better competitiveness in the market
There is a simple way to know I should use which kinds of fluorescent whitening agent, that is if you can get the competition with the fluorescent whitening agent, or know what you're industry should use fluorescent whitening agent, can be looking for a manufacturer of fluorescent whitening agent or local retailers provide sample trial, generally 20 g will do the trick, but it is best to 50 grams, fluorescent whitening agent is expensive because it is over, so do not provide a lot of.
: 2: to determine the type of fluorescent whitening agent, after get the samples of fluorescent whitening agent, to confirm of fluorescent whitening agent in the plastics additives (adding quantity can consult factory, but still want to try, because each process is always a little different, because of fluorescent whitening agent content is very sensitive, probably due to the small difference of the technology of the same amount of fluorescent whitening agent, with others is very good, and the oneself with the same quantity is so so); To give you a basic range, in most plastic material per ton of fluorescent whitening agent amount between two over ten thousand to one over one thousand, except the special products, such as whitening masterbatch, can add to a few kilograms or even dozens of kilograms, because it is masterbatch, the purpose is to front blender, can add fluorescent whitening agent is the more the better, but also still has a limit.
3: Determine after adding amount, can play board verification, start with the minimum dose for add, every time a sheet to add, many times after plate for comparison of different levels, to find their favorite or most valuable that whiteness, thus preliminarily determines the content, but by this time and do not blindly start mass production immediately, because the fluorescent whitening agent have mobility, so you need to place the above model for 48 hours, then contrast again, take a look at whether the last board, choice is the best, if it is, so this time to determine the content is the most accurate, if not, Then re-determine a board, and then observe for 48 hours, and so on, until the selection of the best, to ensure accuracy, to prevent the loss caused by the blind addition of large goods. Real cases, usually won't appear migration of fluorescent whitening agent, enough to judge the adding 48 hours of observation, and only add excess of fluorescent whitening agent, fluorescent whitening agent migration phenomenon will affect the product appearance, as long as add is super, and scattered evenly without local enrichment condition, won't appear of fluorescent whitening agent migration phenomenon. The most direct way to determine whether fluorescent whitening agent migration occurs is to be very white today, yellow or green the next day, or partial yellow-green.
4: Sample sheet after validation selected dosage, the most critical and most affect the current process is the need to will be thoroughly incorporated scattered fluorescent whitening agent, blending dispersion is using process is extremely important step in the process of fluorescent whitening agent, because the fluorescent whitening agent itself add quantity is little, if uneven, namely using the model of, dosage of also results in uneven tooth whitening products extremely easily, affect the effect of optical brightener used, local enrichment condition, the result is the product in some parts of the content is too low, causing white degree is insufficient, some parts of the content is too high, at that time, very white, after a period of time will produce precipitate migration, local become yellowish green; How is dispersion best? Can be used according to the following several ways, the first kind, dry blending dispersion, dispersion can be directly to powder and other additives added a stirring dispersion, which is most of methods used by the manufacturer, the second, scattered, wet and mixed solvent dissolve the fluorescent whitening agent after mixing dispersion, dispersion degree is high, this method but will be brought into the solvent, solvent can use each kind of fluorescent whitening agent is different, specific please consult the factory
5. : evenly dispersed can be used for production use, the need to pay close attention to the head of material in the process of production for the first time, recorded, mainly records of temperature in the factory at that time, humidity, these will have some effects on products, product production and pay attention to the situation, ask distributors, ask the user, product whether the white degree of satisfaction, to decide whether to increase a whiteness, after all, customer is god, do you like the white degree is not necessarily the customers like it, but the whiteness is also a subjective judgment, so want to ask a few more.
I believe that we now have their own views on how to use and method of fluorescent whitening agent, the following list of some common types of fluorescent whitening agent, common plastic products, common formula dosage, also welcome experts from all walks of life to criticize.
  type plastic PVC PA PE
Type g/Kg
OB  5  6  8
OB1  10  6  9
KCB  5  9  8
127  5  6  8
The following is the common industry fluorescence brightener use and process route
  type plastic PVC PA PE
type art process
OB  Blending - testing - production   Blending - testing - production  Blending - testing - production
OB1   Blending - testing - production   Blending - testing - production  Blending - testing - production
KCB   Blending - testing - production   Blending - testing - production  Blending - testing - production
127   Blending - testing - production   Blending - testing - production  Blending - testing - production
The following table shows the temperature resistance data and price ratio of common fluorescence brightener for plastics. The price is 1 ob, and the rest is the ratio with ob.
type resist T price 
127 180 0.2
Ob 198 1
KCB 210 1.26
Ob-1 359 0.5


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