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Advantages and disadvantages of Optical brightener KCB

Original:www.qtzbj.comAuthor:山东齐泰荧光增白Editor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-19 19:46【Big Mid Small
Optical brightener KCB, also known as fluorescent whitening agent 367, is mainly used to whiten EVA foamed shoe material, synthetic fiber and plastic, and can be used to whiten plastic film, pressure molding material and injection molding material.
For the application of EVA foam material, EVA masterbatch believe everyone will not feel strange, in the present circumstances, can be used in EVA foam material, EVA masterbatch on the optical brightener KCB only, there may be a doubt for many users, so why can only use optical brightener KCB, whitening agent model, color appearance is about the same, but can only KCB on EVA foam material, EVA masterbatch. Besides, the price of fluorescent whitening agent KCB is on the high side. Why not use cheap fluorescent whitening agent? This needs to understand the advantages and disadvantages of KCB to better understand!


resitance of TEM

The plastic industry is a very big industry, according to various plastics different characteristics of use, can be divided into general plastic, engineering plastic and special plastic three types, and these three types are divided into :PE, PP, PPS, PPO, PA, PC, POM and other hundreds of types; Some of these plastic molding manufacturing process temperature is very high, even up to 300 degrees or so, generally speaking, we can judge a plastics for what kind of fluorescent whitening agent, first of all, judging from plastic molding temperature, the EVA material formed in 210 to about 230 ℃ temperature, that rules out a lot of heat-resistant plastic fluorescent whitening agent is below 210 ℃;

  • The following table is above 210 ℃ of heat-resistant plastic on the market at present fluorescent whitening agent:
OB-1 350℃
KCB 215℃
KSN 275℃
127 220℃
The light emitted by some optical brighteners is bluish, red or yellow. From the above table, KCB even has some disadvantages in terms of temperature resistance. From the perspective of temperature resistance, the optical brighteners ob-1, KSN and 127 should be used first.
Asian people like slant blue, white, European and American people like to slant red white, so the domestic production of EVA foam material, EVA masterbatch would need to use hair blue light bleaching agent, and the original white substrate slant blue product formation, and the optical brightener KSN red light and fluorescent whitening agent 127 rounds, so can't use KSN and 127, and 127 weatherability and fluorescent whitening agent is poorer, whitening effect, although very strong, but the effect is not permanent, shoe shoe can even reach the whole process 1 year cycle, so fluorescent whitening agent 127 although good temperature resistance, but cannot be used in EVA foaming material.
The following table is the current market plastic optical brightener color light:
OB-1 Blue
KCB blue
127 Red
Green the rest of the optical brightener OB - 1 and a optical brightener OB - 1 yellow, light yellow), the light is slant blue, and OB - 1 cheaper price, but the biggest problem is OB - 1 stability is bad, easy to precipitate migration, migration precipitation lead to local yellow green products, if the shoes appear this problem, that is not the problem of white is not white, is a problem that can be sold, with OB - 1 at the end of the day was not worth the cost;
The following table shows the stability of plastic optical brightener on the market at present:
OB-1 Poor
KCB good
KSN good
127 Poor
Art process

And EVA foam have certain request for the number of bubble size, bubble too big not wear-resisting, bubble too small elasticity, and besides KCB of other three kinds of models will affect the production process, foaming link will produce more bubbles, too small, lead to bubbles shoes material without flexibility, can't use, to sum up, the heat resistance, light, stability, comprehensive consider manufacturability aspects, optical brightener KCB is EVA foam shoes material of choice of whitening, now there is no other fluorescent whitening agent can replace or better, in order to be able to make their shoes material quality stand out, have to curry favor with the end customer, After all, no one likes to wear their own shoes ugly appearance, looks yellow and poor quality, so EVA foamed shoe material fluorescent whitening agent KCB must be added, EVA foamed shoe material what type of fluorescent whitening agent model it has nothing to do with the price.


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