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How to use and how to use plastic optical brightener ob [ 2019-03-19 ]
Trend forecast of optical brightener KCB in 2019 [ 2019-03-19 ]
Fluorescent whitening agent KCB is the best-selling product in the shoe material industry, especially in the field of EVA. In recent years, many fields such as injection molding and plastic film are also used, which is the star product of t
2019 Wholesale price forecast of plastic fluorescent brighte [ 2019-03-19 ]
Wholesale price forecast for plastic optical brightener manufacturers in 2019 Influence prices mainly by supply and demand, supply is greater than demand lower prices, demand greater than supply prices rise, want to know the price of fl
Why plastic optical brightener manufacturers wholesale p [ 2019-03-19 ]
Influence prices mainly by supply and demand, supply is greater than demand lower prices, demand greater than supply prices rise, want to know the price of fluorescent whitening agent in 2019 to 2019 of supply and demand situation we need to
Ob_bo1_kcb_12 fluorescence brightener export countries and s [ 2019-03-19 ]
Before 2008 somebody asks how to choose a product to do international trade? The answer is, the first thing you see when you go out in the morning, you do what you do, you make money. After 2008, this trend has gone forever. Many trading co
Is it adulteration that the optical brightener is compou [ 2019-03-19 ]
Fluorescent whitening agent distribution efficiency is adulterated, you also want to know, but the trade secrets, not for outsiders to know, its hard to do, the industry of fluorescent whitening agent compound efficiency is not adulterated,
Why is the price of the same optical brightener so much [ 2019-03-19 ]
In 2018, with the development of the domestic environmental protection supervision, the price of fluorescent whitening agent is growing every day, at the end of 2018 the trend has eased, the reason is because of the fluorescent whitening ag
Review of the 2018 wholesale price of optical brightener [ 2019-03-19 ]
2018 nearly one month have passed, I stayed in fluorescent whitening agent industry is also for nearly eight years, can say 2018 is the most crazy fluorescent whitening agent for one year, almost all models for more than a wave even wave bo
Advantages and disadvantages of fluorescent whitening agent [ 2019-03-19 ]
Fluorescent whitening agent 127 is also called fluorescent whitening agent (378). Mainly used for PVC, artificial leather and other plastic and plastic products have a good whitening effect. For the application of PVC plastic products, I be
Wholesale price forecast for paper, printing and dyeing fluo [ 2019-03-18 ]
If you are the boss of the paper printing and dyeing industry, if you use the optical brightener SWN, optical brightener bbu, tetra sulfonic acid, disulfonic acid, then you should pay attention, because these models are going up in

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