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The effect of global epidemic on fluorescent brightener in C [ 2020-03-16 ]
As is known to all, China and the United States, South Korea, Italy, Japan and other countries of the outbreak is not optimistic, the outbreak in China at present has been basically ended, and used as the main production of optical brighten
Raw material synthesis route of optical brightener OB [ 2019-03-25 ]
Yes, this is the ultimate article on OB, and you will be an OB insider. 1. Raw material synthesis route of optical brightener OB, Fluorescence brightener 0B was prepared from thiophen2, 5 dicarboxylic acid (OB acid) and o-amino-p-tert-butyl
Why the price of optical brightener OB has been falling in 2 [ 2019-03-25 ]
Why the price of optical brightener OB keeps falling in 2019??? , the reason is very simple and complicated, simple is the change in supply and demand, the downstream of the original with optical brightener OB into two pie, one from waste f
What's the bottom line on the price of optical brighteners k [ 2019-03-24 ]
Since the beginning of 2019, the price of optical brighteners has been falling again and again. The reason is not that the price of raw materials of optical brighteners has been falling, but that the manufacturers of optical brighteners hav
Hefty fluorescent brighteners (EFR) synthesis [ 2019-03-22 ]
(1) process flow: (3) operation: 1) chloride: fan 120 kg and 140 kg thionyl chloride added to the reaction kettle, stirring, cooled to 0 ~ 5 ℃, then add 4 kg anhydrous aluminium trichloride, heating up to 15 ~ 18 ℃, 5 h at this temperatu
Synthetic route of fluorescent brightener 162 [ 2019-03-22 ]
(1) process flow: A methylamine | 4- chloronaphthalene -1, 8- dimethyl anhydride N- methylation reaction N- methyl -1, 4- chloron1, sodium methoxide 8-naphthalimide condensation filtration washing refining product (2) equation: (3) operatio
What is the raw material DSD acid of VBL_OBA 85 [ 2019-03-22 ]
DSD acid optical brighteners are synthesized by condensation of DSD acid and other intermediates, which are classified as distyrene in many literatures. Book its single category, mainly because of one of the most important intermediate of s
What kinds of optical brighteners are used in plastics [ 2019-03-19 ]
According to the introduction in dye index, there are not many kinds of optical brighteners that can be used in plastics. In recent years, fluorescence brighteners for plastics have developed rapidly in China. So far, 8 varieties have b
Comparison of OB-1 and ob with fluorescent whitening agent 1 [ 2019-03-19 ]
As optical brightener ob prices hit new highs, many do plastic whitening boss use optical brightener ob, unable to bear the high price of optical brightener ob, cant afford to cost, some boss is not in fluorescent whitening agen
Advantages and disadvantages of Optical brightener KCB [ 2019-03-19 ]
Advantages and disadvantages of Optical brightener KCB
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