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The effect of global epidemic on fluorescent brightener in C

Original:未知Author:adminEditor:admin Read: Publish time:2020-03-16 18:52【Big Mid Small
As is known to all, China and the United States, South Korea, Italy, Japan and other countries of the outbreak is not optimistic, the outbreak in China at present has been basically ended, and used as the main production of optical brightener, the optical brightener manufacturers started less than two-thirds, so the price of the optical brightener currently has a rising trend, but also because China's domestic demand is also affected by the epidemic, so demand is 
also reduced, so the domestic prices trend of fluorescent whitening agent is not strong, this is against the importer, but this is short term.In terms of international situation, the us dollar cuts interest rates again, which is bound to cause the appreciation of the RMB against the us dollar, so it is not good for imports, which is a long-term impact.
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