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Raw material synthesis route of optical brightener OB

Original:www.opticalbrighteners.cnAuthor:Shandong qitai opticEditor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-25 09:13【Big Mid Small
Yes, this is the ultimate article on OB, and you will be an OB insider.
1. Raw material synthesis route of optical brightener OB,
Fluorescence brightener 0B was prepared from thiophen2, 5 dicarboxylic acid (OB acid) and o-amino-p-tert-butylphenol (OB phenol) by one-step condensation method. The reaction equation is as follows:

This is OB phenol plus OB acid, basically a 2:1 phenolic acid, see that 4H20? Can you understand how much waste water is produced in the production of one ton of optical brightener OB? 4 tons! Now you see how environmentally sensitive the optical brightener OB is.
2. Application scope of optical brightener OB
Fluorescent whitening agent is general type fluorescent whitening agent, as long as you want to try, you can use optical brightener OB, injection molding, extrusion profiles, paper box, sponge foam, even facial mask, can use, but if you are a PVC production, then choose 127 on the fluorescent whitening agent, shall be the whitening effect, but cheaper more than 100, if you do is high-end foam, such as shoes, EVA, so still with optical brightener KCB, because when optical brightener OB foam has the certain influence on the process. Paint ink can only use optical brightener OB, nothing else.
3. Common problems with optical brightener OB
More difficult to disperse, disperse the process to stir and mix several times, or some places more, will also cause yellowing, that is because the fluorescence brightener enriched after the color light color, too little is not white.
4. optical brightener OB manufacturer
The manufacturers of OB are mainly located in shandong, hebei and jiangsu.
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