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Why the price of optical brightener OB has been falling in 2

Original:www.opticalbrighteners.cnAuthor:Shandong qitai opticEditor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-25 08:58【Big Mid Small
Why the price of optical brightener OB keeps falling in 2019??? , the reason is very simple and complicated, simple is the change in supply and demand, the downstream of the original with optical brightener OB into two pie, one from waste fighting skill, not use fluorescent whitening agent, who learn martial arts, without optical brightener OB, instead use fluorescent whitening agent 127 or optical brightener OB - 1, then the two schools currently live? On the other hand, I haven't heard of the use of optical brightener OB. At least for now, the supply and demand relationship has changed, and the supply exceeds the demand. Complex is very complex, because the optical brightener OB raw materials nervous problems has not been well solved, the OB acid remains a dominant, and wrong delivery goods, this causes a lot of manufacturer can't get raw materials, to production, thus, optical brightener OB is in a very awkward position, on the one hand, out of stock, on the one hand, prices fall, so the situation is not so simple.
The synthetic route of OB can be seen below. Two products, OB acid, are currently out of stock, and we cannot get the goods. But if you want OB phenol, I have a lot here.
1. Raw material synthesis route of optical brightener OB,
Using thiophen2, 5 dicarboxylic acid (OB acid) and o-amino-p-tert-butylphenol (OB phenol) as raw materials, the fluorescence brightener OB was prepared by one-step condensation method. The reaction equation is as follows:
This is OB phenol plus OB acid, basically a 2:1 phenolic acid, see that 4H20? Can you understand how much waste water is produced in the production of one ton of optical brightener OB? 4 tons! Now you see how environmentally sensitive the optical brightener OB is.
The manufacturers of OB are mainly located in shandong, hebei and jiangsu. Today is an eventful year, and it is not clear what the next step will be for the country's control of environmental protection and security. So we will wait and see.


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