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What is the raw material DSD acid of VBL_OBA 85

Original:www.opticalbrighteners.cnAuthor:Shandong qitai opticEditor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-22 09:41【Big Mid Small
DSD acid optical brighteners are synthesized by condensation of DSD acid and other intermediates, which are classified as distyrene in many literatures. Book it's single category, mainly because of one of the most important intermediate of synthesis of this kind of fluorescent whitening agent for DSD acid, also contain DSD acid structure (especially the DSD acid double triazine structure) of fluorescent whitening agent both varieties in the fluorescent whitening agent products around the world, or output in the first place, and the application range is very wide.
Hundreds of very important fluorescent brighteners can be prepared by condensation of DSD acid with melamine and other compounds. As main raw material of synthesis of DSD acid kind of fluorescent whitening agent of DSD acid and used for other purposes of DSD acid is different, it requires the DSD acid content, total amino value as high as possible, that is to say, the lower the content of impurities, the better, so in the process of production of fluorescent whitening agent of non-ferrous material will be less, can ensure the production of fluorescent whitening agent color purity, whitening effect is good. Due to the production condition is improper will generate benzyl, yellow pigment, red pigment, to the neighboring amino benzene formaldehyde sulfonic acid, amino toluene of amino toluene, formaldehyde and other by-products, plus more inorganic salt, these by-products have effects on synthesis of fluorescent whitening agent, the influence of the top three kinds of by-products is most obvious, can directly affect the fluorescent whitening agent of color and intensity. According to the introduction, the content of benzyl compounds (>3%) can significantly affect the fluorescence intensity of fluorescence brightener. Therefore, when selecting the DSD acid for the synthesis of fluorescence brightener, the test should be carried out strictly according to the standard of DSD acid, and the product with low content of benzyl compounds should be selected as far as possible.


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