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Why is the price of the same optical brightener so much

Original:www.qtzbj.comAuthor:山东齐泰荧光增白Editor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-19 08:16【Big Mid Small
In 2018, with the development of the domestic environmental protection supervision, the price of fluorescent whitening agent is growing every day, at the end of 2018 the trend has eased, the reason is because of the fluorescent whitening agent of raw materials and the production of fluorescent whitening agent slowly back to normal level, no longer large area production or out of stock, but we discussed today is not about the fluorescent whitening agent of raw materials and the influence of production of fluorescent whitening agent prices, we discussed is why the same kind of fluorescent whitening agent at the same time the price will be difference so much, even a difference of more than 50 yuan per kilogram.
So how can you lower the price of your product? At present, the fluorescence brightener industry can only be the following situations.
1. Purchase raw materials in large quantities for production when raw materials are cheap
2. Produce optical brightener in large quantities and reduce the value of optical brightener
3. Compound and increase the efficiency of fluorescent whitening agent to reduce the price of fluorescent whitening agent
The above two ways to compare relatively clear, but on the operation difficulty is very big, because the price of raw materials depends on the policy direction, a sudden and time uncertainty, on the other hand depends on the enterprise strategy, enterprise in a competitive advantage position will rule industry and monopoly industries, and monopoly price.
There is a third way, everyone can be strange, this is a feature of fluorescent whitening agent, simple say two kinds of fluorescent whitening agent after blending whitening effect is better than one, it is compound with synergies, principle is very simple, because different fluorescent whitening agent absorption spectral band is different, so the utilization of natural light blend to higher, due to different type fluorescent whitening agent prices gap is very big, so after compound effect increased but the price is lower, so every technology is different so the price will be different.
After the mixing of optical brightener ob-1 and optical brightener DT, due to the different optical behaviors of the two sides, the quantum yield of each component was increased, and the fluorescence intensity of the two components was also increased. The results are shown in the following table.
DMF solution for brightener ob-1 and optical brightener DT
Absorbance and fluorescence intensity when mixed alone
type Absorbance E Fluorescence intensityF/x10e5 type Absorbance E Fluorescence intensityF/x10e5
ob-1 0.044 1.482 ob-1 0.216 4.493
DT 0.055 1.413 DT 0.175 4.021
63%ob-1+37%DT 0.048 1.79 50%ob-1+50%DT 0.193 4.443
It can be seen from the above table that the fluorescence intensity of the mixture with different proportions is stronger than that of a certain fluorescence brightener.
The price of DT is around 50 yuan, and the price of ob-1 is around 250 yuan. After mixing in proportion, the whitening effect is enhanced, but the price is greatly reduced. That's the magic of optical brighteners.


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