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Is it adulteration that the optical brightener is compou

Original:www.qtzbj.comAuthor:山东齐泰荧光增白Editor:admin Read: Publish time:2019-03-19 08:16【Big Mid Small
Fluorescent whitening agent distribution efficiency is adulterated, you also want to know, but the trade secrets, not for outsiders to know, it's hard to do, the industry of fluorescent whitening agent compound efficiency is not adulterated, so-called distribution efficiency is said two kinds of fluorescent whitening agent and mixed together with the effect of the use effect is better than a single fluorescent whitening agent, the efficiency is called compound with synergies, but if someone told you add instead of fluorescent whitening agent dyestuff, then don't say compound with efficiency, but also is not adulterated, add dye Because ancient China has always used a group of blue (a bluish dye) and the source material of the yellow heritage, yellow and blue is white, so it becomes white, there is a way to add fluorescent whitening agent other ineffective chemical raw materials, this is the real adulteration.


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