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2019 Wholesale price forecast of plastic fluorescent brighte

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Wholesale price forecast for plastic optical brightener manufacturers in 2019
Influence prices mainly by supply and demand, supply is greater than demand lower prices, demand greater than supply prices rise, want to know the price of fluorescent whitening agent in 2019 to 2019 of supply and demand situation we need to know, you know, in 2018 fluorescent whitening agent product serious demand greater than supply, prices like sitting on a rocket, soaring nine miles, in 2019 and 2018, the foundation of surface situation is the same, but the same back and have a little difference, then 2019 JiTai chemistry of fluorescent whitening agent market is how to see? The following will be carried out one by one. Due to the limited knowledge I have learned, this prediction analysis is only for reference. Major companies and customers please determine their own actions according to their own judgment and needs as well as actual needs.
Say first shandong JiTai chemical for judging fluorescent whitening agent price quotations in 2019, shandong JiTai chemical think, in the first half of 2019 is more than 2018 boom boom, so in the first half of 2019 the price stabilization of fluorescent whitening agent, not in big falls, in May 2019, due to several raw materials manufacturers full scale production for the new project, raw material shortage to ease, so the price of fluorescent whitening agent wind direction will be to buyer's market, the price will be loose and fall.
So why won't prices come down in the first half of 2019? Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the reasons for the price increase in 2018. As long as the price increase in 2018 does not disappear in 2019, the price of fluorescent whitening agent will not be loosened in 2019. Below, we will briefly analyze the factors causing the soaring price of fluorescent whitening agent in 2018, and disassemble and analyze them one by one to draw a picture of the price of fluorescent whitening agent in 2019.

1. Reasons for 2018 price hike
In 2018, the "strictest" central environmental protection inspectors were launched in eight provinces and regions, including Inner Mongolia, heilongjiang, jiangsu, jiangxi, henan, guangxi, yunnan and ningxia. "26+2" cities were inspected for environmental protection, and millions of enterprises were inspected, with a failure rate of nearly 70%. A large number of illegal enterprises were ordered to close down and reform was restricted during the nearly two-year process of central environmental supervision.
Looking back, we can see that the reasons for the price increase of raw material enterprises are very consistent. It is the environmental protection inspectors who increase the environmental protection cost and production cost of enterprises that cause the price increase.
There are a number of related policies that will come out in 2018
The shandong provincial government has issued the action plan for winning the battle of the blue sky and the air pollution prevention and control plan 2013-2020 (2018-2020).
Zhejiang province has issued a three-year action plan for winning the battle to protect the blue sky, which explicitly requires the province to ban new chemical industrial parks and intensify the renovation of existing ones.
"Beijing-tianjin-hebei in and around 2018-2019 action plan for comprehensive control of air pollution in the fall and winter of engines released draft, paper is clear, around completed before the end of September to specific requirements on October 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 peak production plan formulation, would like to peak production plan elaboration to the enterprise production, process and equipment, enterprise peak production base capacity in September 2018 the quantity.
On the basis of the current charging standard for pollutant discharge fees, enterprises shall pay the following environmental protection tax in setting the standard for environmental protection tax.
The air pollutant tax amount is 1.2-12 yuan per pollution equivalent;
The water pollutant tax is 1.4-14 yuan per pollution equivalent;
For solid waste, the tax is 5-1000 yuan per ton according to different types;
The amount of tax is 350-11200 yuan per month according to the number of excessive decibels.
On June 7, 2018, the ministry of ecology and environment issued the "enhanced supervision plan for key regions in the 2018-2019 blue sky defense battle", which will start from June 11, 2018 and continue until April 28, 2019. About 18,000 people were involved in the intensive inspection.
This is also a part of relevant policies, which has caused the soaring price of a large number of chemical raw materials. Please take a look at the two figures.
TDI increased by 240%, titanium concentrate by 154%, MDI by 153% and butadiene by 107%. Glycol, adipic acid and titanium dioxide (rutile type) increased by 78.6%, 76.4% and 75% respectively.
The distribution of price change of chemical products with the highest price increase in 2018 - % increase
Figure 1 shows the top 20 percent price increases in 2018
Figure 2. Percentage increase of optical brightener

We can see that these policies will continue at least until the end of 2019, so there is no change in these fundamentals in 2019. So why do we say that prices are likely to come loose or even fall in the second half of 2019? This is because the companies for their own survival, fluorescent whitening agent after 2017 upstream enterprises as well as the production of fluorescent whitening agent has done the same thing, that is to addressing factory, built in the state allows the industrial park, unified configuration "three wastes" treatment equipment, in this way, the high pressure of 2018 environmental policy is still there, but for it's true that conform to the construction conditions of the factory started, the problem solved of raw materials, the price naturally return to rational, and this time around in May 2019, and even some factory is ready now at production immediately after the Spring Festival in 2018, Because now the price of optical brightener is in a very high position, and is the first or later, so the production is money.
The following news you can refer to one or two, to the supply of raw materials of optical brightener and optical brightener production of the general situation has an understanding.
Below we analyze the fluorescent whitening agent of a single product, respectively, from the raw material supply situation, fluorescent whitening agent production, fluorescent whitening agent item corresponds to the downstream market situation analysis, fluorescent whitening agent for item OB OB - 1 KCB 127 detailed analysis, because of the limited space so no other model analysis, if has this aspect demand can call or E-mail contact me company for relevant information.
Wholesale price forecast of optical brightener OB manufacturer in 2019
With the end of the 2018 National Day holiday, the sales of optical brightener OB entered the sales period of the fourth quarter. If there is a peak season for OB, the fourth quarter is the peak season for OB. Firstly, foreign procurement will increase sharply. Secondly, domestic downstream manufacturers need to prepare enough goods before the New Year, and the operating rate will increase. As a result, the optical brightener OB ushered in the best sales season of the year.
But this year's sales were different:
What is different this year is that the price of optical brightener OB has significantly increased, from 400 yuan/kg at the beginning of the year to 530 yuan/kg at the end of September. Such a huge increase is bound to affect the production cost of end customers, resulting in the reduction of demand and the deviation between quantity and price.
The sharp rise in the price of optical brightener OB also leads to the prevalence of complex products in the market. For example, false advertisements like OB king are widely spread in the market. In order to reduce costs, some customers try out complex products, which indirectly contributes to the popularity of complex products in the market.
From 2018 to now, the national environmental protection policy is still under strict control, which leads to a large area of shutdown of the raw materials of OB, OB acid and OB phenol, and a sharp rise in the price of raw materials, thus bringing huge cost pressure to the manufacturers of OB.
Wholesale price forecast of optical brightener ob-1 manufacturer in 2019
After entering January 2018, I always felt a little nervous. Sure enough, there was an unprecedented surge of price increase in the national fluorescence brightener market this month, and the price of ob-1, the fluorescence brightener, increased by more than 30%, with two consecutive price increases, which made the national plastic manufacturers feel great pressure! So what is causing the rising price of the optical brightener ob-1?
Analysis on the cause of the price increase of optical brightener ob-1
First, some small and medium-sized enterprises producing fluorescent chemical brighteners in China have been shut down due to the government's increasingly strict inspection and control of environmental protection. According to the xiaobian lian lian news, now the north of the relatively large brightener manufacturers are also in the state of half open half stop.
Second, optical brightener OB - 1 is the large amount of a whitening agent on the market, the application field is very wide, can be used for ABS, PS, HIPS, PA, PC, PP, EVA and rigid PVC plastic whitening, brightening, in polyamide fiber, nylon and polyester add optical brightener OB can significantly improve whiteness after 1, has the very good whitening effect, and good heat bleaching of resistance. It is because of its wide application and large market demand that strict environmental protection inspection (especially in the provinces of Beijing, tianjin, hebei, shandong and henan) was conducted at the end of the year. The output of optical brightener decreased sharply and the price of brightener rose sharply.
Wholesale price forecast of optical brightener KCB manufacturer in 2019
Two years ago the optical brightener OB, prices have all drunk nearly brightener KCB also should have some fluctuations, although KCB in domestic sales is not many, only the demand of more than 30 tons a year, but in the foam is one of the indispensable kind of fluorescent whitening agent, due to various reasons, KCB prices also continued to rise.
The first reason is that the production of KCB acid, the raw material of optical brightener KCB, is suspended, which directly affects the output. This is the main reason. At present, the manufacturers of KCB are in the state of discontinued production, and now they just consume the inventory. Once the inventory is consumed, the price of KCB will soar all the way.
The purpose of this is to make up for the demand of the market vacancy, so that there will be no appearance of goods that cannot be bought with money, to help the recovery of the market, and to control the price within a certain range. If the price exceeds the critical point, the customer will no longer accept it, and the price of the product will lose its significance.
The comparison of the state environmental protection check strict, we can imagine to the influence of the production enterprises, or enterprises to the brand, or to go to, the classification of products is more and more clear, the products are divided into two kinds, general customers for normal foam shoes, to the grade of the product requirement is not high, generally with the fluorescent whitening agent 127 can solve the problem, but later will be easy to yellow; For brand customers, in order to ensure product quality, they will choose high-priced optical brightener KCB. Therefore, according to this trend, the price of KCB will soar all the way, which may lead to price fluctuation of 127. This is a macroscopic analysis.
I believe that the manufacturers, dealers and terminals that have experienced the great wind and waves of optical brightener in 2018 still have a lingering fear; In the past 15 years, the price increase of brightener has been the most rapid and the highest. The price increase of every model has doubled or even multiplied. For manufacturers, the price continued to rise led to some users no longer use whitening agent, the future will be greatly affected; For dealers, the profit margin has been sharply compressed, resulting in a futile effort; For the end users, the increase in price leads to a sharp rise in product costs and a sharp decline in sales profits. The year was anything but a bloody one.
With the arrival of 2019, many people are eager to know where the price of optical brightener will go in the coming year. It is to hoard goods or take immediately, need to have a clear idea.
1. Influence of environmental protection policies; The price increase of optical brightener in this round originally originated from environmental protection remediation; The implementation of a series of local policies, such as coal to gas, waste treatment, environmental protection equipment, production limit and stop limit, moving into chemical industrial parks, and going to chemical industry in various provinces; Led to the forced closure of most chemical enterprises; For example, the entire shandong province will close 3,900 chemical enterprises in 2018. A large number of shutdowns and large-scale production restrictions have led to a serious shortage of fluorescent whitening agent production capacity, and the situation that availability is king.
In the third quarter of 2018, the state issued policies to prevent one-size-fits-all environmental protection campaigns. This has brought a respite for chemical production enterprises, near the end of the year capacity has been restored, output gradually rose, supply demand has been partially relieved.
2: impact of rising raw material prices; As mentioned above, the large-scale shutdown has led to the suspension of manufacturers of optical brighteners, resulting in a serious shortage of raw materials. The optical brightener itself is a small chemical product in chemical products. Its raw materials are small-scale products; As a result, the raw materials of optical brightener have skyrocketed. For example, raw materials of OB, OB phenol and OB acid; The raw material of KCB is KCB acid; The raw material of 127 is biphenyl dichlorobenzene and so on; Raw material shortage and price increase become the key to the price of optical brightener.
With the rationalization of environmental protection regulation, the price of raw materials of optical brightener has declined, which also led to the decline of the price in the fourth degree. But not all models, such as d-acid at the end of the year, such as a large increase
Future predictions of fluorescent whitening agent: it is estimated that the price will come down in 2019, but won't appear bigger reduction, also will not return to 2018 levels, before because regulation is still in the environmental protection, more lack of raw materials continues, the cost of the "three wastes" treatment increased year by year, all these factors explain whitening agent with drop in prices will be stable, there will be no crash down.


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